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Grab a 420 Book Magazine at your Local 7-Eleven, ARCO or Smoke Shop. Can’t find one near you? Just pull it up online.

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Each scan of a Smart Ad in our Magazine highlights new products to try!

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How It Works

The 420 Book mobile app connects patients, brands, and dispensaries. Scan a product or brand ad using the 420 Book mobile app, redeem your free sample at the nearest participating dispensary.

For Users and Patients

Patients download the 420 Book App and use their mobile device to identify products of interest in our magazine. Our App then serves up a coupon to acquire the product free of charge at the nearest participating dispensary.

For Dispensaries

Our interactive App and Magazine provides immediate new patients to your dispensaries who are both new to your location, but also who have expressed an interest in picking up the samples provided to you by 420 Book. 

For Brands

Our interactive App and Magazine will provide both dispensaries and consumers with exposure to your products, thereby improving brand recognition but also allowing you immediate shelf-space at new retailers previously unfamiliar with your products.

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